UltraShape Power

What is UltraShape Power?

UltraShape Power is the first and only FDA-cleared, non-invasive body-shaping procedure that uses focused, pulsed ultrasound for selective fat-cell destruction. It's not like anything out there on the market.



UltraShape Body Contouring Treatment Before After


Unlike liposuction, UltraShape Power Body Contouring treatment is non-surgical, which means no incisions, anesthetics, or recovery time.


Different from other fat-reduction procedures that use heat or freeze fat, UltraShape is virtually painless and leaves no visible signs of treatment. It’s truly your Secret beauty treatment! The results are smooth, contoured and smaller hips, thighs and/or abdomen.  Results are often seen as quickly as 2 weeks after the first treatment. UltraShape has a RealSelf rating of over 90%.



Reshape Before After

Before and After first session of ReShape (combination of UltraShape and
VelaShape treatments). UltraShape destroys the nucleus of a fat cell using
Ultrasound and then followed by the VelaShape for tightening and cellulite.


Not sure if UltraShape is the right treatment for you, call us for an appointment to get a consultation. Other body contouring treatments such as VelaShapeIII, ReShape (Combination VelaShape III and UltraShape Power) are also available. Your provider can help determine what procedure fits your needs.