Body Piercing

Treating Opened Body Piercing with Dermal Filler

Problem - stubborn body piercings that won't close up.

The definition of body piercing according to Merriam Webster dictionary is the practice or an instance of adorning the body with jewelry or ornamentation that penetrates the flesh.


Many of us have had ear piercings, and other individuals may have piercings on their face such as nose or lips. Body piercings on the face may seem great a few years back, but now you don't feel like having them any more. Worst, the piercings refuse to close and you don't like how they look. You are frustrated, but what is the solution to this problem?


Using Dermal Filler to close Body Piercing


No worries, It's a Secret Med Spa in Dallas can help you. Above is a short video on our instagram @itsasecret_medspa about a patient getting dermal fillerShe has an old nose piercing that would not close on its own, so we helped her by injecting dermal filler to close it. If you are interested in this treatment, contact us for a consultation about dermal filler.


If you do not know what dermal filler is, here is some information. There are other creative ways that we can use dermal filler, for examples: lips argumentation, treat dark eye circles, etc. Interested in learning more? Follow our instagram page.