Fit 3D Scanner Consultation

Know Your Body Better


The Fit 3D ProScanner has a depth camera which uses a non-invasive near-infrared light, and a standard image sensor. Vertical scans, while the patient is being rotated, only take about 40 seconds!


Fit 3D Scanner Consultation Medspa Dallas Texas



Adjustable height handles help the user maintain fixed hand and arm position as well as better posture throughout the scan. This allows for increased scan quality and measurement accuracy.



The precision of our measurements is second to none with a maximum of a half inch variance between scans.



Another feature of this Fit 3D ProScanner is its low profile turntable. It has a step height of only 3 inches. In addition, the drive system for the turntable is always locked even when powered off. Thus, it provides safety to our users and never presents a slip or fall hazard to them.


What can I expect at the consultation?

• First time users create an account with their email address and a unique password. This allows for access to their scan at a later time as well.


• In 40 seconds, the Fit3D ProScanner will take a complete 3D, 360° body scan and extract the most commonly used benchmark fitness measurements.


• In 5-10 minutes the user receives an initial scan report via email. This contains their body measurements, a 3D avatar, and provides a prompt for web platform login.


• The web portal allows for monitoring of each scan thereafter to ensure you can accurately track progress and results obtained from your personalized wellness program.


Contact us for further information about our Fit 3D Scanner Consultation and on the different body treatments at It's a Secret Med Spa located in Uptown Dallas TX.