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Deep Skincare for the Winter

Winter Time is the Best Time for a Peel

Winter is here. While you are trying to stay warm, don't forget to pamper your skin too. This is the perfect season to get those deep skincare treatments that you've been wanting to do. Why not try it out at It's a Secret Med Spa. 

We are offering a $50 gift card on every $300 purchase. What a deal!

For deep skincare treatments, It's a Secret Med Spa offer different type of peels you can try. You can start with chemical peels.  We offer 3 types in a mini, light or medium depth peel.  You can get any of these peels and return to work the next day.  In 3 days everyone will be asking about your glow.  

Another option is to get a BBL Photofacial for getting rid of dark spots, this treatment can help with all the sun damages from the summer.  You can do one treatment or a series of 3 for optimal results.  

Lastly,  this is where it gets intense.  A Halo skin resurfacing is recommended 1-2 times  a year.  This laser resurfacing treatment will stimulate collagen production, create smoother texture and even the skin’s tone.  Note there is 5-7 days downtime with this peel.   The results are worth it!