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Hydrate Your Body with IV Therapy

Keep Your Body Hydrated

IV therapy is great for the overall wellness of your body.

There are many ways to get a healthy body. You can exercise, eat clean, watch calories, and drink 8 cups of water a day to keep your body hydrated. While going through your daily routine, you may lose track of time and forget to take breaks. And hence, drinking 8 cups of water is an extremely difficult goal to reach.


No worries if you cannot reach this goal. Stop by It's a Secret Med Spa to ask about our IV therapy and B12 vitamin shot. If you came back from traveling or got a hangover, IV therapy can help you get your energy back from your travel and help you recover from a hangover so that you feel great once again.


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Keeping your body hydrated is crucial to staying healthy and maintaining the function of every system in your body, including your heart, brain, and muscles.



About IV Therapy

Purpose: Hydration with replenishing fluids, vitamins, minerals & amino acids into the bloodstream with 100% absorption, where they are immediately available for your cells to use. Resulting in quicker recovery time and improved overall performance

Note: IV therapy may also be used for hangover recovery

How it works: A registered nurse will customize the hydration therapy, and monitor your IV infusion process. Click on the left image to see our IV therapy video on instagram.

Treatment time: 30-45 minutes

Recovery: Immediate with no down time