March Madness 2017

Come in for an IV Therapy


Don't forget that your health is just as important as work. Why not take a break and come to It's a Secret Med Spa in Dallas or Longview to watch the March Madness game with us and get an IV Therapy too.  

March Madness It's a Secret Med Spa


IV Therapy can improve the overall wellness of your body.


It gives you more energy, boosts you immune system, and improves the appearance of your skin. If you like to drink on the weekends, you would love this as well, because IV therapy remedies hangovers and hydrates your body. For the basketball players and other athletes, IV Therapy helps muscle recovers from workout. If you travel frequently, get the drip to help with your jet lag and your tiredness. 

Ask us about the buy 5 get 6th free deal for IV Therapy! 

If you are interested in learning more about what IV therapy can do for you or you are ready to book an appointment, call 469.789.0004 (Dallas) or 430.625.7220 (Longview).