Volume: The New Way to Measure Body Fat – Fit3D Body Scanner

As individuals focusing more on fitness and overall health, there is a rise on demand of a quick and efficient way to measure body fat.

Although a scale is able to calculate your weight, it cannot differentiate fat, muscle, or water. The best way to track results is through measuring fat volume. This can be achieved through a combination of the InBody Test and Fit3D Body Scan. They are both available at It’s A Secret Med Spa in Dallas, TX.



Clients who opt for the InBody Test are given a comprehensive view of their body composition including water, proteins, minerals, and body fat. Through using quantitative analysis, these basic information can assess the status of the body. Based off of the bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA) method, InBody can analyze body composition through both direct measurement of body segments as well as multi-frequency measurement. Let’s examine the main benefits of using InBody for measuring fat volume.


Independent Trunk Measurement: using direct segmental measurement, the total body composition can accurately analyzed through measuring the torso separately. This is essential as the body trunk accounts for approximately fifty percent of total body weight.


Multi-Frequency Measurement: InBody accurately measures intracellular and extracellular water through utilizing broadband frequencies. This rules out previous limitations that the BIA method had and it incorporates water balance calculations as well.


8-Point Tactile Electrode: The improved design of the electrodes for each hand and foot enables a simplified use for repeated tests, ensuring accurate results. This accounts for structural characteristics of the human body.


Fit3D Body Scanner

Another option that clients could choose is the Fit3D body scanner.  Fit3D body scanner takes a complete 360-degree body scan to extract benchmark fitness measurements. Users can create an account with login credentials that enables them to view their scan results from the comfort of their own home. Future scans can be compared side-by-side with the interactive web platform. Here are some main advantages of using the Fit3D Body Scanner.


Precise Measurements: Human error can be eliminated through utilizing the 360-degree scan design. It establishes an accurate and consistent baseline for body measurements. The scans are so precise that there is only a maximum of a half-inch various between scans.


Interactive Web Platform: Fit3D’s primary advantage is its ability to allow users to store data and measurements for progress. Body measurements, detailed scan views, and HRA data can be viewed through this platform.


Time-Saving Scan Technique: With a complete scan taking a total of 40 seconds, fitness measurements can be extracted quickly for treatment planning and individualized assessments.


In summary, technological advances have made it easier than ever for clients to access comprehensive treatment planning. Through using the InBody Test in conjunction with the Fit3D Scanner, It’s A Secret Med Spa can plan and track progress over time to ensure our clients are on the right path in gaining the results they desired. Call us for a consultation today!