Med spa treatments for upcoming wedding day

Spa Treatments for Wedding Day

Plan ahead for your big day

Wedding is a once in a life time experience that you don't want to forget. To make it the most memorable and beautiful, spa treatments are a must.


Not only would these treatments make you look good on the outside, they will help you feel good on the inside.


Start preparing for your wedding early, some treatments take a few months and multiple sessions to get results. Treatments that you may consider 6-8 months in advance are:

• laser hair removal
• micro needling
• laser facials - Halo, photofacial
• body contouring - UltraShape, VelaShape
• cosmetic fillers - Botox, Dysport, Juvederm, Restylane

Treatments that you can do closer to your big day are:

• hydrafacial
• iv therapy
• vitamin shot


To make it easy for you to plan your wedding day, check out our pinterest board on wedding and medical spa treatments.