IV Therapy

Best IV Therapy in Dallas - New Method to Curing Hangover but Also Even More

IV Therapy Gives You Hydration That You Need


What does IV therapy do? 

IV therapy can help anyone who needs hydration and recovery. The rule of thumb is to divide your weight by 2 and this number is the amount of water (oz) recommended for daily consumption. That’s a lot for most individuals and hard to do amongst busy schedules and those on the go constantly. IV therapy is the answer! It's a Secret Med Spa in Dallas is one of the best places in the DFW area that offers IV therapy treatments. Our IV Fusion helps hydrate and recover those who frequently travel, drink, eat salty food, and lack sleep. Additionally, it can help those recovering from a recent illness. Our fluids are combined with folic acid, thiamine, essential amino acids and certain vitamins that encourage cell regeneration and energy. HYD your Hangover is a combination of IV Infusion therapy and a HydraFacial that will leave your body on the road to recovery and your skin revived and invigorated.



Below is a video More People Turning to IV Treatment for Hangover Cure about IV Therapy from NBC DFW News. See what Medical director Dr. Raymond Westbrook said about the differences between hydrating with a sports drink or water vs. an IV Therapy treatment.