How Innovative Consultation Technology Can Shape Your Treatment Results


Fit 3D Scanner


Skin and body analysis machines are all the buzz in specialty med spas throughout the nation, and for good reasons.

The high customization that these futuristic consultative devices bring allow for specific recommendations based on a client’s concerns and the desired outcome. Let’s take a look at two analysis machines available through It’s a Secret Med Spa.


Fit 3D Scanner Consultation Medspa Dallas Texas


Fit 3D Body Scanner


As the only 3-Dimensional body-scanning machine developed for wellness facilities, this unique consultative device captures a 360 degree image in less than a minute. Measurements are extracted and securely stored in the web platform, which allows users to track their treatment progress through comparing scans side-by-side. By doing the body analysis with the Fit 3D Body Scanner machine, it reduces human error and gives clients the ability to see their results and accurate measurements.

Advantages of Fit 3D:

  • Noninvasive and takes 40 seconds for a complete scan.
  • Provides adjustable handles based on patient height for quality measurements.
  • Highly precise with a maximum of a half-inch variance between scans.
  • Low-profile turntable for easy access to clients without the potential of being a fall hazard.


Visia Skincare Consultation Secret Medspa Uptown Dallas-500pxW


VISIA Complexion Analysis


Not only can this device provide a comprehensive skin evaluation, but it also provides clients with reports and tracks treatment progress over time. The way the machine works is through taking a series of facial images, which provide a range of diagnostics including:


Norm Comparison – A patient’s skin is graded relative to others within the same age and skin type category. Percentile ranks and norms are derived for specified areas such as wrinkles, pores, UV damage, red areas, and brown spots.


TruSkin Age – Eight skin features are analyzed to determine the overall skin condition of a patient, including a relative age. Furthermore, a guide will make selections of targeted skin care products and treatment options.


Eyelash Analysis – With the increase in focus towards eyelash enhancement, clients are now able to evaluate and track their treatment results through graphic visualizations.


In general, clients are favorable towards the use of consultation technology devices as it gives them the opportunity to track their progress and provides the motivation to improve their skin, body, and overall health. Society is driven by sophisticated and cutting-edge technology to which these machines deliver. Stop in It’s a Secret Med Spa to see how these fascinating devices work and get your wellness plan started.