Vitamin Shots

The Scoop on Vitamin B12 Injections

More Energy with Vitamin B12 Injection

Energy is something that most people wish they had more of. 

While the best recipes for an increased boost of energy is to stay hydrated, eat right, exercise, and get enough sleep, however, wouldn’t it be easier to get a vitamin B12 injection to give you that “oomph” that you are seeking for? Research shows that B12 vitamin leads to an overall improvement in energy, especially those who are deficit.


Approximately forty percent of Americans feel fatigue, weakness, tingling and numbness in fingers and toes, difficulty walking, mood change, and memory loss. And these issues are sometimes caused by not getting enough B12 vitamin. Vitamin B12 can be compared to the gasoline a vehicle needs to make it run. A diet rich in meats, fish, and dairy products provide natural sources for our body. Often times, people do not eat healthy or keep a balanced diet. Vegetarians and vegans are especially susceptible to a B12 deficiency.


Vitamin B12 injection delivers a high dose of the vitamin, and it can help combat symptoms such as depression, mood disorders, memory failure, anemia, low blood pressure, and high homocysteine levels. Studies are now evaluating its potential as a therapy for bipolar disorders, shaky leg syndrome, and autism. There are minimal to no side effects generated from this water-soluble vitamin, so it is suitable for most people.


Furthermore, vitamin B12 has been linked to aide in weight loss. It provides patients with more energy and a boost in metabolism that helps shed unwanted pounds. Hence, many weight-loss programs recommend these vitamin B12 injections as part of their treatment plan. If you are interested in reaping the benefits that vitamin B12 provides, contact a professional at It’s a Secret Med Spa to schedule your appointment today!