Want to Learn about Contouring Techniques and Skin?

Contour and Skin Essential Course


Mark your calendar for this Saturday February 11, from 11 - 1 pm

It's a Secret Med Spa Dallas is having the first Contour and Skin Essential Course with professional makeup artist Omar Perez @beautybyomar. Our secret agent Deborah @deborah.m_ will be hosting this event with him. Do not miss this opportunity by RSVP at 469.79.0004 or email


Makeup technique class


Come this Saturday to It's a Secret Med Spa and learn about the following:

• Step by step to proper skin preparation before applying your makeup
• Learn how to enhance your natural bone structure with highlighting and contouring techniques
• 1 on 1 with our skin experts for a skincare plan
• Drinks will be included
• $150 purchase of service/and or product required
• Limited space available, RSVP at 469-789-0004 or email