What are the differences between Ultrashape and Velashape?

Non-surgical Fat Reduction Treatments

If you are looking for a non-surgical liposuction alternative, you may consider Ultrashape and/or Velashape. The difference between the two are the different technology and what they are use for.

Ultrashape is designed to use the ultrasound technology to blast away fat cells in your body. It is great for abdominal fat, flanks and thighs. However, you can pretty much use it for anywhere on your body where you want a few inches reduced, even your calf. (see picture below)


uses a combination of the infrared light (IR) and bi-polar radio frequency (RF) to deep-heat the fat cells in the treated area and the skin is heated and stretched to release some of the tension that causes cellulite. The manipulation and heat smooths out the lumpy-ness of the cellulite and results in a tightening effect on the skin and reduced circumference.

Benefits of VelaShape:

• Reduce the appearance of cellulite

• Improve skin texture - smoother and firmer skin

• Reduce overall volume of the treated area

• Safe and effective for all skin types and colors

• Quick and lasting results


Velashape before after abdominal


Although these two technologies are different but you can combine them for your treatment. First use Ultrashape to reduce the fat, then use VelaShape to tighten and firm your skin and to reduce cellulite. If you still have questions or want to get a consultation, please give us a call at 469-789-0004 to set up an appointment with It's a Secret Med Spa Dallas. 


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