IV Therapy

Where to get IV Therapy in Dallas?

IV Therapy in Dallas at It's a Secret Med Spa

There aren't very many places in the DFW area that offer IV Therapy. It's a Secret Med Spa in uptown Dallas is one of the places that do.

IV Therapy is becoming so popular that we no long only offer it on weekends, but seven days a week. 


Starting at $200 ($149 for VIP members), a person suffering from a hangover or general dehydration can have a registered nurse hook them up to an IV to receive fluids that contain thiamine, folic acid and glucose. The treatment takes about an hours. Also, patients have the option to receive a vitamin B12 shot.



According to medical director Dr. Raymond Westbrook, the difference between a sports drink or water and the IV therapy is the rate of the fluid entering a person’s system. It is much faster. “It’s going to improve your recovery a lot quicker, because you’re going to get more hydration in a lot quicker amount of time,” said Westbrook.


A common misconception about IV therapy is that many people think IV is just "water". Yes, it’s water with vitamins that is going into your body directly for hydration, so your body feel better quicker.

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