Sculptra BBL Aftercare guide

Immediate Aftercare

  • • Sculptra® and Massaging – The Rule of 5s. Massage the treated area for five minutes five times a day for five days after treatment.

    • Exercise – Avoid strenuous exercise and heavy lifting for 24-48 hours to minimize swelling and bruising.

    • Ice Area – Use a small bag of crushed ice to gently ice the area. No heavy ice bags. Ice for 20 minutes on and 20 minutes off. Continue the icing for 24- 48 hours if possible. NEVER apply ice directly to skin and avoid firm pressure.

    • Pineapples and Pineapple Juice – Pineapples have natural anti-inflammatory properties to them that help to minimize swelling after injections. You may apply or take Arnica tablets to help decrease the amount of bruising.

    • Tylenol for Pain – It is normal to experience some pain and sensitivity in the area of the injection. Most patients find that Tylenol can help relieve this post-injection pain. Avoid NSAIDs such as Motrin and ibuprofen as these can make swelling and bruising worse.


  • Bruising. Bruises may last 1-2 weeks. Bruises can show up several days later.

    Swelling. Swelling may not always be even from side to side depending on pre-existing asymmetries, volume of Sculptra injected and bleeding at each injection site. Initial swelling takes 2 weeks to settle. Swelling will be worse the first 24-48 hours.

    Asymmetry. Asymmetry is usually related to swelling and volume of Sculptra injected. Any asymmetries with collagen production will not be evident for 4–6 weeks.

    Papules (lumps and bumps). The feeling of tiny subcutaneous bumps that are usually not visible but can be felt when pressing on the skin. They are normal and will resolve with time. Visible nodules with redness or potential color changes to the skin should be reported to your physician

    Initial Subtle Results. Sculptra® results will become evident at 4-6 weeks after injection treatment since they rely on the body’s own production of collagen. Any initial post treatment volume gains are most likely due to the Sculptra solution as well as swelling. Anywhere from 1- 3 treatment sessions may be recommended in order to achieve final results.