Nose Filler

We offer a non-surgical nose job otherwise known as a “liquid rhinoplasty” or nose filler at our Dallas, Frisco, Plano and Houston locations. This advanced injectable service requires a complimentary consultation with the provider to determine if the client is a candidate. 

Using filler, along with light and shadow to shape and smooth nasal bridges, bumps, and asymmetries in the nose, our injectors are well-trained to deliver both subtle and dramatic results for clients looking to change their nose shape.

Who is a candidate for injectable rhinoplasty?
An ideal candidate for injectable rhinoplasty would be someone who would prefer to take a less-expensive, non-permanent approach to nasal shape augmentation.

What to expect after Nosr filler?
Swelling and bruising are to be expected and should resolve within two weeks. Makeup can be worn post-treatment after 24 hours.


Non-Surgical Nose Job Pre & Post Care Instructions >

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