What are b-12 Shots?

We offer vitamin B-12 shots by single or package pricing. This quick 15-minute injection works to replenish the B-12 vitamin in the body. Vitamin B-12 plays many essential roles in the body, including making your DNA and red blood cells. Because it is not naturally occurring in the body and does not stay in your system for very long, it must be acquired by the consumption of animal-based foods or supplements.

B-12 Benefits: 

  • Elevated Energy Levels

  • Increased Concentration

  • Improved Metabolism

  • Weight Loss

  • Boosted Immune System

  • Better Sleep Quality


What is IV therapy?

I.V. Therapy 

I.V. Therapy replenishes vital vitamins and hydration through the body’s bloodstream. It is a superior way to receive vitamins, because many factors can disrupt absorption through the stomach, such as age, metabolism, genetics, body chemistry, etc. Vitamins and minerals will reach the bloodstream in higher levels supercharging the body’s cells. This therapy can assist clients in the following ways:


  • Boosting Energy Levels

  • Improving Skin 

  • Increasing Mental Clarity

  • Reducing Symptoms of Migraines


  • Decreasing Physical Recovery Time

  • Diminishing Symptoms of Hangover 

  • Accelerating Wound Healing

  • Assisting in Rehydration


During the first 10 minutes of an I.V. therapy appointment, our providers will explain the process. They will then connect the client to the I.V. and clients can relax and unwind while receiving their therapy. We offer the option to stream a variety of media services throughout the treatment. 

I.V. Therapy Hydrator  – This treatment replenishes and restores hydration through an I.V. with a lactated ringer.